Above all, We Care About Everything We Do

Country Classrooms is a new business set up to help children understand the British age old tradition of farming. As parents ourselves, we want to help every child understand how country life fits into this age of technology and where the necessities of life such as food and clothing originate from.

The whole team at Country Classroom's are passionate about agricultural life, as many of the team involved have hands on experience of not only caring and the rearing of animals for food, but also the growing of wheat, barley, potatoes and vegetables which most people take for granted.

It is our ambition and passion to share this experience.

Our Vision is to see Countryside, Farming and Horticulture in every classroom, as a key part of the National Curriculum, with Country Classrooms providing a framework to experience something special that will influence their education, employment and through their adult life.

Our Values are key to how we move forward

Country Classrooms

Delivering Excellence

By providing curriculum integrated structure and resources, we proactively raise educational standards to deliver a high quality learning experience

Providing Opportunities

We provide outstanding opportunities to everyone.

Inspiring Communities and Educating Society

By engaging with communities through the Countryside, Farming and Horticulture, we provide skills that will enhance and enrich lives and leave a legacy.

Protecting Heritage

Our passion is to bring the countryside into the classroom, respect the past and inspire for future development, progress and innovation.

We look forward to seeing you at your "new farm" soon.

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