Our initial role is to help you establish if your idea is something that funding will be available for. You may be surprised at the breadth of projects that can be funded. In the unlikely event that funding isn't available for exactly what you want we will help look at your other priorities and budgets to see if we may be able to help you find funding for another one of your projects, which will allow you to free up funds for the first.

This will be covered in a conversation and we will discuss what is achievable and available from funders. In doing this we will help you clarify the needs of your project relevant to a particular funder's requirements. If you wanted to proceed and apply we would help you to complete the necessary funding application. We will do as much as possible for you and help you deal with the funder all the way through to a final decision.

If you want further help to deal with initial issues such as planning, or help with the design and delivery of the final project we will gladly assist you.

To give you a feel on eligibility we have provided below answers to some of the regular questions that are asked. We hope you find them useful, but if you have others, or just want to start the process with a no-obligation conversation, please contact us.

Funding FAQ's

How much funding can we apply for?

This depends on which funder you apply to, but it can be anything up to 0.5m. Obviously that much funding requires quite a lot of work and is very competitive. Usually we suggest looking for around £10,000 from some of the main stream funders. You can apply more than once.

How long does it take to obtain funding?

This depends on the chosen funder. Some have a set program of dates and 'funding rounds'. Typically though, you would be looking at approximately 3 months. Actually creating the application is a very quick process, most of the time is spent waiting for a decision.

How much time will you need from me?

We have spent a lot of time developing our approach and in most cases we shouldn't need more than an hour in a meeting or over the phone to start the process, understand your needs and advise on a suitable way forward for funding. We will help you by doing taking your idea and project and doing as much of the work for you as possible.

What type of groups can apply?

The essential part is being a not for profit organisation. This doesn't mean that your organisation can't have a surplus each year, it really looks at the underlying reason for being in existence. Therefore schools, community clubs and associations, sports clubs, arts and performance groups, friends of and similar groups are all eligible.

We are a school and have to keep everything 'fenced in'. Are we still eligible for funding?

Yes. There are more than likely associated groups that could also apply to help you. The children are part of the community and controlled access is fine. What they take away from a project while they are there and what they can then share with others in the wider community is just as important.

We share premises with other organisations who have had funding - would we still be eligible?

Yes. Funders would generally look at the needs of your individual group and are aware that shared premises and even shared goals are common between community groups.

We have had funding previously and from different sources - would we still be eligible?

Yes. Some funders will provide funding each year and generally having obtained funds already from another source will not preclude your eligibility or the amount of funding available to you.

We might be described as an affluent area, would we still be eligible?

Yes. You are equally eligible for funding. Affluence is only one characteristic of an area and it is just as likely as any other area to have many other needs for which funding is available.

We have a high annual income, would we still be eligible for funding?

Yes. It is as much about the cause and outcomes.

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