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How does it all work?

Every visit is unique and that's what makes it so special. We cater to your needs and support you throughout the process. You tell us what you would like to acheive and we make it happen. We send you lesson plans and activites leading up to our visit and leave you with more lessons, activites and information for after.

Which farm animals will you bring?

Whilst each visit can be tailored to your individual school needs, typically we will look to bring numerous species of farm animals ranging from pigs or piglets, sheep or lambs, ducks, geese, hens and a cow.

When can you visit?

We have a minimum booking time of ten days to allow us to get all the necessary paperwork from DEFRA and other such agencies to ensure the wellbeing of the farm animals in transit.

What do we need to provide?

Please refer to our booking pack for full details but nothing more than hand washing facilities for after the Countryside experience is required.

How much space is required?

Typically a space of 10m x 4m would allow a class to see the animals properly. Obviously we would also need access for a larger 4 x 4 vehicle and trailer close to where you would want your 'farm' to go. This can be a playground, school field or even indoors such as a school hall.*

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes. We have Public Liability Insurance for £5 million and once a booking is confirmed we supply you with a copy of the certificate for your records.

Have you done Risk Assessments?

Yes these are available to download via our Health and Safety page.

Are your staff safe to visit schools?

All of our staff have been DBS/CRB checked and cleared.

How far will you travel?

At the moment we cover Lancashire, South Cumbria, Greater Manchester, North Yorkshire, Cheshire and Merseyside but will be expanding rapidly over the coming months as we work with more approved farms throughout the UK.

*If an indoor visit is required then necessary access is required and also a small fee to cover additional cleaning costs unless you are happy to do this.

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