What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg?

At Country Classrooms we can provide either!

Our Hatching Experience provides pupils with the opportunity to see chicks hatch in front of their eyes in your classroom. You will watch their curiosity and interest grow as they adopt the chicks with the responsibility of developing new life deepening the pupils understanding of the topic.

Three stage programme allows you to introduce content progressively with lesson plans for before, during and after the experience to demand more from your pupils.

Not only the pupils' education flourishes during the hatching experience. For individuals or groups with particular needs, there is sustained improvement in pupils' behaviour.

The children value their time with the chicks and the educational experience it provides and consequently we have seen attendance increase.

Country Classrooms

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What's Included?

  • Country Classrooms provides everything you need for a successful and simple Hatching Experience
  • Delivery and Setup of your incubator, eco-brooder, heat lamp and ready to hatch eggs
  • Half Day support from a qualified teacher which incorporates
  • Hatching Assembly, Teacher briefing and Classroom Integration
  • Keystage specific lesson plans and resources for before, during and after the experience written by teachers for teachers
  • Collection of equipment and rehoming of chicks
  • Full Telephone and Email support

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