Introducing Our Unique Mobile Allotment System

Our Mobile Allotment System is much more than a step into agriculture and horticulture; it is an understanding between Country Classrooms and you.

We know that it is not always possible to look after and grow your own school garden. It may be a lack of green space, knowledge or time. We can develop a mobile allotment system that works for you and as the name suggests it is as mobile as you need it to be.

After consulation with teachers it has been developed with the flexibility you require to allow you to plan your lessons very effectively, making maximum use of the time available to coordinate your lesson resources well.

Three stage programme supports and develops your teaching with lesson plans for before, during and after the experience.

Country Classrooms

Pupils proud acheivements in reaping their harvest gives them confidence, and promotes a positive impact on their learning.

Allows the Community to become involved through extra curricular Gardening Clubs, parents can give guidance and support their childs improvement through communication of their own knowledge.

The species chosen for the planters allow for a varied crop enlightening all students but primarily disadvantaged students by introducing them to vegetables they may not have encountered, helping them, through their development, to make informed decisions about healthy eating.

Whats Included?

  • 3 Mobile Allotment Pods with a variety of flowers and vegetables suitable for a class of up to 24 pupils
  • Gardening Utensils for each child in the class, to allow them to cultivate their crop.
  • *On Site full day support from a qualified teacher which incorporates - Classrooms Talk, Staff Briefing and Outdoor Pod Work
  • Keystage specific lesson plans and resources for before, during and after the experience written by teachers for teachers
  • **Collection of equipment and redelivery
  • Full Telephone and Email support

* Number of Days Dependant on terms required
** Dependant on terms required

Email us [email protected] or call 07743 815410

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